vineri, 5 martie 2010


Take A Minute Girl Come Sit Down
And Tell Us What's Been Happening
In Your Face I Can See The Pain
Don't You Try To Convince Us That You're Happy (Yeah)
We've Seen This All Before
But He's Taking Advantage Of Your Passion
Because We've Come Too Far
For You To Feel Alone
You Don't Let Him Walk Over Your Heart
I'm Telling You

Girl, I Can Tell You've Been Crying
And You Needing Somebody To Talk To
Girl, I Can Tell He's Been Lying
And Pretending That He's Faithful And He Loves You
Girl, You Don't Have To Be Hiding
Don't You Be Ashamed To Say He Hurt You
I'm Your Girl, You're My Girl, We're Your Girls
Don't You To Know That We Love You?

See What You All Don't Know About Him
Is I Can't Let Him Go Because He Needs Me
It Ain't Really Him It's Stress From His Job
And I Ain't Making It Easy
I Know You See Him Bugging On Me Sometimes
But I Know Deep Inside He Don't Mean It
It Gets Hard Sometimes
But I Need My Man
I Don't Think Ya'll Understand
I'm Telling You

Girl, Take A Good Look At Yourself
He Got You Going Through Hell
We Ain't Never Seen You Down Like This
What You Mean You Don't Need Us To Help?
We Known Each Other Too Well

Girl I've been knowin' you since you were ten,
you cannot hide from your frïends

2 comentarii:

EvElina spunea...

made by me poza;;)

DiaNNa spunea...

"Girl, I Can Tell You've Been Crying
And You Needing Somebody To Talk To"

Ce frumoasa e melodia :-<.Si poza va surprinde "intr-o discutie intima".:X

"Îmi place s-o ascult cînd îmi vorbeşte
Dar de un cîntec mult mai mult mă-ncînt:
Nu ştiu cum calcă zîna îngereşte,
Dar Doamna mea păşeşte pe pămînt.

Şi totuşi jur că n-are-asemănare
Cu cele ce se cred rupte din soare!"

(traducere dupa W. Shakespeare)